Studying English in London: A Student’s Perspective

Welcome to a new series of insights into the lives of students at Malvern House English language school in London. Where we invite our past and current students from around the world to share their opinions about studying English in London. This month we will find out what it is like to study English in London from the perspective of a Latin American student.

In this interview Velia, a Malvern House London student, shares her experience of her time studying English in London.

Velia was born in Colombia, South America. This should help other Latin and South American students to decide whether London is the best place for them to study English.

We really appreciate Velia giving us her opinions and we are especially thankful that she included a video, which you will see below.

Do you think it is important to improve your English before taking a job in the UK?

Absolutely, it is important to improve your English before accepting a job in the UK, especially to learn the particular ways of communication, which will be very useful in everyday life.

Why is London a good city for overseas students to study English?

London is a diverse city with a wide range of cultural offerings. It is a city where I can interact with many people from different parts of the world and practice my English all the time. I like the weather in London and the public transport. I feel comfortable here and it is easy to get anywhere in the city.

Why is London a good city for Latin American students to study English
Velia studied English in London

Do you think it is important to study English in the UK and if so why?

Studying English in the UK allows you to explore many personal and professional possibilities. In my case, it gives me access to valuable information available in libraries and museums I work with, and I can also interact easily with institutions with which I can collaborate.

Which English course did you chose to study and why?

I took the General English course because my goal is to improve my fluency in presentations and conversations with readers. This course allows me to improve my speaking, listening and writing skills.

Our General English Course

The General English course at Malvern House is one of our most popular. Develop all four skills of the English language reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will improve verbal English skills and much more. You will achieve academic, professional and personal learning goals.

English Courses at Malvern House

See the course Veila took and our range of other options.

Beside General English, which Velia studied, we have a wide range of other English courses. This includes IELTS exam preparation courses, university pathways, business English courses and many more.

How are you enjoying the English course so far, what do you enjoy about ?

During the course I have really enjoyed the interaction with my classmates from many parts of the world and what I have liked most is the quality of the teachers.

What are your favourite TV shows that help you learn English more than others?

I don’t normally watch TV, but I really enjoy listening to Coldplay and Adele’s music while reading the lyrics.

Most Common Nationality at Malvern House London is Brazil
We have many students from Latin American Countries like Columbia

Do you have any advice for Latin American students thinking of coming to the UK to study English?

The first thing I recommend is to choose a good school, like mine, where they understand learning English as a holistic process and invite you to get to know the city and interact with others. My second recommendation is to lose your fear, to take risks.

Would you recommend other Columbians come to study at Malvern House London?

Absolutely, I would recommend other people from Colombia and Latin America to come to Malvern House London because of the quality of the contents, the learning methods and the warmth of the people.

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Why did you choose to study in London?

I love London. I feel very welcome here, I like the museums, the cultural life, the gardens and public spaces, so I felt it was my ideal place to improve my English.

Why staying with a local family helps?

I didn’t stay with a local family, but I suppose the interaction with native speakers allows you to strengthen your language skills.

If you are thinking about coming to London to study English from Latin America, or anywhere else in the world, please browse the website and get in touch if you have any questions. Our friendly staff would love to help you make the right choice when it comes to improving your English education in the UK.

If you are a Malvern House student and would like to share you opinions, please get in touch.

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