Malvern Sister Schools

Malvern House London

Courses Offered in Brighton

  • General English
  • Business English
  • VIP English
  • IELTS Preparation
  • Cambridge Preparation
  • English for Teachers

Malvern House Brighton

Malvern House Brighton is an independent English language school which was established in 2019 and is the sister school of Malvern House London. The school is accredited by the British Council.

Malvern House Brighton offers first-class teaching, supported by the latest technology. Our school is located on Queens Road in the heart of central Brighton ,close to Brighton train station. It is homely, comfortable and welcoming, combining an elegant 19th century building with modern learning facilities. Most classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and students have access to our online learning platform for self-study. The student experience is at the heart of what we offer and the student learning journey starts before the student arrives and continues throughout their stay and beyond. Our student services team gives each student a warm welcome and helps with any needs they may have. We take special care of our younger students and have a comprehensive policy for safeguarding under 18s. We offer a wide range of flexible general, business and academic courses to meet the needs of all students. Student support includes free seminars and a varied social programme. We offer homestay accommodation through British council accredited agencies.


Courses Offered in Manchester

  • English Courses
    • General English
    • IELTS Preparation
    • Conversation
    • Part-time and evening
  • Professional English
    • One-to-One
    • English for Teachers

Communicate School of English

Communicate School of English has been inspected and accredited by the British Council and are a member of English UK. Accreditation gives students a guarantee that the school has good quality teaching, premises, accommodation and student welfare.

Communicate School is a family-run school which opened in 2010, quickly developing an outstanding reputation for high-quality student support and an enthusiastic, fun and communicative learning environment. Located in the heart of Manchester – a 2-minute walk from the main square (Piccadilly Gardens) – it is perfectly located for students wishing to explore Manchester, one of the world’s most popular student cities.

Our mission is to provide high quality English courses to international students, professionals and other non-native speakers. We strive to teach meaningful and real communication skills for everyday purposes in a supportive teaching environment.

We want to see our students reach their full potential and leave with improved English language skills for their further academic studies, daily life in the UK or for career advancement.


Centres – Language in Action

  • Summer Centres
    • Old Street Centre
    • Garden Hall Centre
    • Hughes Parry Hall Centre
    • Wembley Campus
    • Football Programme

Language in Action (Malvern Juniors)

Language in Action is an exciting language provider with an caring approach to language learning. Our courses offer an opportunity to use newly learnt English language skills in real life English situations as well as gain certification. We bring the English language classroom to life and the classroom to the English Language.

We offer an activitiy and excursion programme which is focused on London. Students will be taught the necessary language in the class before their excursions so that they have the chance to explore everything this wonderful city has to offer and to interact with other international students and with native English speakers during our activity and social programmes as they explore the local environment.

Students won’t simply go shopping but rather be encouraged to use key English structures learnt in class to negotiate a better price and to communicate what they need in English to the sales assistant so that they can build confidence. All activities and excursions are linked to the class syllabus but at the same time are light and engaging.