Professional English


  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • 2.5 or 5 hours per week as part of your full-time course – for example 15 h General English + 2.5 h Conversation + 2.5 h English for Law
  • Improve confidence and fluency
  • Find out more about the UK legal system and how it compares with your local regulations
  • Network with other legal students and professionals from around the world

This communicative, interactive and vocabulary-rich class in Malvern House London makes full use of London as an international hub for many industries. You will improve your language skills, boost both your confidence and your CV.

The course will make it easier for you to communicate in English with colleagues & clients alike. Training is delivered in small groups or as individual classes that are often combined with General English or IELTS preparation courses

Role-plays, debates, informal discussions, presentations, and practice interviews are just some of the activities used to help students work towards real language progress in this field.

Courses Topics covered
English for Law UK property law, UK employment law, UK / International contracts, sale of goods & UK company law.
English for Media Working in media, history of media, UK vs US English, article structure, headline writing, UK print media, the BBC.
English for Nursing Hospital job interview practice, in and around the hospital, admissions, symptoms, accidents & emergencies, caring for the elderly, nutrition & obesity, hygiene, mental health.
English for Travel & Tourism Hotels, travel arrangements, customer service, managing projects, working in international environment.
English for Fashion Working in fashion, history of fashion, textiles, garment construction, production, promotion, events, retail.
English for British Culture British history, the monarchy, politics, food, music, fashion, humour, British social etiquette, sport and, of course, the correct way to drink tea.