Cambridge Preparation

Achieve Cambridge Success

Improve your career prospects with First or Advanced certificate. The exams are recognised around the world by thousands of employers, universities and government ministries.


  • Study towards an internationally recognised English language certificate
  • Develop a more well-rounded use of the English language
  • Gain knowledge of exam techniques and strategies that will help you to achieve the best possible score in the examination
  • Take practice tests allowing you to increase your confidence in your preparation for the exam

First Certificate & Advanced Certificate – 2020 exam dates

First Certificate exam dates: 6th June, 9th June, 20th June, 30th July, 27th August, 10th October, 14th November, 24th November, 5th December

Advanced Certificate exam dates: 6th July, 24th July, 23rd August, 7th September, 19th October, 21st November, 2nd December, 5th December, 12th December

We recommend we students join at least 8 weeks before the exam, and they should only take the exam if they are able to pass the mock exam in school.

Key facts

Group Size

Average 9 (maximum 15)
16 +


Beginner to Advanced (A1 to C1)

Course Length

Minimum – 2 weeks
Maximum – 48 weeks

Hours per week

Full-time study – 15, 20 or 25 hours per week

Part-time study – 5 or 7.5 hours per week


Full-time Prices
Part-time prices

Start Date

Every Monday

Course format

This is a combination course of General English and exam preparation classes.

Cambridge Preparation Course 2020 Price List

AM Lessons
Hours Per Week 1 – 4 weeks 5 – 12 weeks 13 – 23 weeks 24 weeks +
15 £255 £225 £215 £200
20 £275 £245 £235 £220
25 £305 £270 £260 £245