Social Programme

Malvern House London

Meeting people and making new friends is a pivotal part of learning a new language. However, for those travelling abroad for the first time, it is not always the easiest thing to do. At Malvern House, we try to foster relationships and a positive rapport amongst our student body by tailoring a weekly programme that aims not only to encourage the use of language skills, but also promote the local culture and social customs.

The programme includes a mix of teacher and non-teacher led activities at different times of the day. The events are varied and they cater to a wide range of tastes. Ice-skating, roller disco, bowling, pizza and quiz, guided walking tours and boat tours, just to name a few, are a short sample of our extensive social activities portfolio. The majority of leisure activities are free, however, if there is an entrance cost to an activity on the social programme we will expect students to pay the entrance cost charged by the place of visit. Weekend trips may involve train travel and an entrance fee. The average price of the weekend day trip is £30.

Students also have the opportunity to go on weekend one-day excursions to cities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Winchester and Canterbury, which allow them to get to know the country’s history and landscape better.

Last but not least, our weekly Malvern House Club offers 1-hour sessions in the school’s premises, where students can practise their speaking in a relaxed environment, while learning about things such as tea tasting, First Aid and make-up.

Our regular social activities are a great chance to make new friends and find out more about the United Kingdom. Whether you want to visit local tourist sites, explore bars and clubs, enjoy sports or travel further afield, our weekly social programme has activities for everyone. In London there are lots of opportunities to make new friends, practise your English and find out more about the UK.

For more information about our social programme visit the schools facebook pages:

Over 100 Cinemas

Over 300 Museums 

Over 350 Music Venues

Over 5000 Restaurants

Over 100 Parks 

Malvern House

“I really like all the museum and the monuments, especially the ones in Westminster.”

– Martina, 17, Italy

A good variety of activities are planned each week – many free – including:


  • Walking tours across the city
  • The Changing of the Guard
  • Pub nights
  • Typical restaurant visits
  • International parties


  • Museum and gallery visits
  • Notting Hill Carnival
  • The Tower of London
  • Musicals
  • Film nights


  • UK-wide
    Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Edinburgh
  • International
    Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Dublin


  • Tea tasting
  • First Aid workshops
  • Festive celebrations
  • Beauty workshops
  • Guest speakers
  • And much more!