Malvern Accommodation

Homestay accommodation is a great, some may say the original, language learning experience. The opportunity to live with locals can teach you things that you could never learn in a classroom. You will live the culture and have to speak English at all times. You will experience real UK culture and get no end of tips and advice from the London locals.

Homestay providers are as varied as the houses and flats that they live in. You may stay with a young family with children and pet dog, or with a couple whose children have left home, or a single professional person or a variant of all three. All have to apply to become a host and are visited regularly by our homestay provider.

Homestay accommodation is categorized by which zone of London the providers live in and the amenities they make available to students in their home. You can choose between single, twin or double rooms (if you are travelling together with a friend or partner) and also choose catering type – Half-Board, Breakfast Only or Self-catering. Linen and laundry facilities are always available and often wireless internet access as well.


  • Single or Shared rooms.
  • Bed & Breakfast, Half-Board or Self-Catering
  • Half-Board Breakfast & Dinner Mon-Sun

What’s included

  • Bed linen
  • Internet* subject to availability
  • Laundry facilities
London Homestay Accommodation Bedroom
London Outside Datani
London Homestay Accommodation Bathroom

Zone 1

Premium Option with travel time of 25-45 mins from Malvern House 

Zone 2

Medium Option with travel time of 30-60 mins from Malvern House 

Zone 3

Cost Effective Option with travel time of 35-65 mins from Malvern House 

Zones 4 & 5

 Budget Option with travel time of 40-70 mins from Malvern House

 Price per week
Homestay Zone 1/2 Zone 2/3 Zone 3+
Single HB 18+ standard diet £340 £290 £255
Single B&B £305 £255 £220
SC £295 £240 £210
Twin* HB 18+ standard diet £330 £280 £245
Twin* B&B 18+ £295 £245 £210
Twin* SC 18+ £285 £230 £200

*Twin room only available to students travelling together 

Accommodation Extras Price
Special diet supplement (homestay only) £35.00 per week
Under-18s supplement (homestay only) £35.00 per week
Full Board (homestay only) £35.00 per week
Summer supplement (9/6/24 to 1/9/24) (homestay only) £35.00 per week
Christmas supplement (22/12/24 to 29/12/24) (homestay only) £60
Private bathroom (homestay only) £60.00 per week
Late check in or check out (11pm to 7am ) (homestay only) £55
Extra night (up to 3 nights) £55 (Z1-2); £50 (Z2-3); £45 (Z3+)
Accommodation change fee £75 per change