Behaviour Policy


Malvern House believes all its students have the right to enjoy their lessons and work towards their educational goals without their classes being disrupted by the misconduct of another student.

We make the parameters of unacceptable behaviour very clear to the whole student body during the induction process. Teachers and Activity Leaders address incidents of general misconduct in the classroom and activities as they occur.  Any health and safety issues – such as those related to fire and smoke alarms – are made very clear during induction, as are UK laws regarding smoking and drinking alcohol. 

Gross Misconduct

Regrettably, we may still have incidents where a student’s behaviour may lead to them being excluded from our courses and activities due to Gross Misconduct.  It is impossible to exactly define all of the cases where we may consider this action; however we can define general scenarios whereby MALVERN HOUSE is left with no choice but to send the student home, these are:

  • Repeated and blatant refusal to follow course instructions in class, on activities or in accommodation.
  • Where behaviour poses a clear health and safety risk to themselves and others
  • Behaviour that repeatedly spoils the enjoyment of the course by other students
  • Behaviour that can be described as abusive, aggressive, racist, violent or serious in any other manner
  • Where a student breaks the law of this country


It is very rare that a student would be excluded from the course and activities following one incident. The Principal will conduct a thorough investigation into any allegation of Gross Misconduct. The student will then meet with the Principal formally to discuss their findings. The student has the right to be accompanied during this meeting. 

In cases of general misconduct, we would normally seek at this time to give the student fair warning that the behaviour is unacceptable, and, that he/she is in danger of being sent home if it continues.  Malvern House would then ensure that parents/guardians/key contact and – where appropriate – the agent is informed that a student has been warned that they are in danger of being excluded from the course.

In the event of continued General Misconduct, or, of Gross Misconduct, a student will be excluded from a course.  MALVERN HOUSE will ensure that return travel arrangements are suitably organised and that the student is escorted to the appropriate place for return travel.  Care will always be taken so that the student is returned safely and we will liaise with parents/guardians/key contacts/agents/transport providers as appropriate. 

Staff will take all necessary care to ensure that the student is properly cared for from the time that the student is informed of the decision to the point where the student goes through the departure gate at the airport.


All issues of problematic behaviour are recorded by the Principal.  In the event of exclusion, all stages leading up to that decision should be properly recorded including minutes of meetings held with students involved. This report will be made available to the student upon request.