English for British Culture

Learn about Britain

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is full of tradition and has a myriad of habits to learn about. Some are funny, many are unusual, and they all contribute towards British culture being among the most distinctive on our planet.

The English for British Culture course in Malvern House London covers a huge range of topics, including: British History, The Monarchy, Politics, Food, Music, Fashion, Humour, British Social Etiquette, Free-time, Sport and, of course, the correct way to drink Tea.

Training is delivered in small group or individual classes that are often combined with General English, or IELTS preparation, courses. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about the people of the UK. Laughs are guaranteed.


  • 5 hours per week (Part of a 20-hour per week course)
  • Classes are taught in small groups for 2-week and 4-week courses
  • This is a weekly module offered on students’ request. Please indicate in your application.
  • We photograph/film activities at Malvern House for promotional purposes. Do you wish to appear in our promotional materials?


  • Improve confidence and fluency in spoken English
  • Feel more confident, and understand more, when working or socialising with British people
  • Make sense (or at least try to) of modern Britain
  • Speak to and network with other students and professionals from around the world


  • Excellent location in Kings Cross
  • Fully accredited with dedicated professional teachers
  • Modern teaching facilities
  • Excellent self-study resources & materials
  • Students from around the world
Malvern House London Timetable

English for British Culture Course 2020 Price List

AM Lessons
Hours Per Week 1 – 4 weeks 5 – 12 weeks 13 – 23 weeks 24 weeks +
15 £255 £225 £215 £200
20 £275 £245 £235 £220
25 £305 £270 £260 £245
PM Lessons
Hours Per Week 1 – 4 weeks 5 – 12 weeks 13 – 23 weeks 24 weeks +
15 £180 £160 £150 £140
20 £200 £180 £170 £160
25 £225 £205 £195 £185