Your First Day

Malvern House London

Malvern House is committed to making sure your move to London goes smoothly. Your first day will not just be about meeting your class and starting to learn English in London, we will help you settle in too.

First of all you will receive a warm, friendly welcome by Malvern House staff, who are here to help at all times.  You will be invited to an ‘induction’ (Welcome Meeting) with members of the Malvern House team, who will give you information about the school, our facilities, and life in London.  You will also be given a Welcome Letter and Student Progress Diary. After the break, you will join your class and meet your teacher and the other students.

On your first day you will get a warm welcome from our school staff and information on:

  • Key staff in the centre and who to go to for help
  • Malvern House facilities and a quick trip round the school and local area
  • Malvern House extra services e.g study counselling, welfare support, social programme, free seminars
  • Online welcome pack
first day at malvern house london

The induction is at 9 am for morning students and 2 pm for afternoon students and you will be able to join your class after the break. All new students attend this important meeting, which covers information about Malvern House’s policies, as well as tips about your studies and living in London. Please Click here  to find this information. Topics include:

  • Your learning and progress
  • Study advice and using the Study Centre
  • Our courses
  • Social programme
  • Accommodation
  • Opening a bank account
  • Travelling around London
  • Health and safety
  • Our centre and facilities

You will be given a Student Progress Diary and a Welcome letter, which both provide information about the school.
You will also have the opportunity to meet our key staff, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
If you are under the age of 18, you will be given an extra induction to make sure you have all the information and support that you need.

All students must do the placement test to help us to select the class which is most suitable for you. If you have not done the test already, you can click here and complete it now. Doing the test beforehand will save you time and trouble on your first day.  If you have not done the test before arrival, please arrive at 8.30 am for morning students and one hour before your allocated class time if you are studying in the afternoon.

These are the times of your daily lessons, which take place every day from Monday to Friday.
Please note that on your first day you will join your class after the mid-morning or mid-afternoon break, after the induction has taken place.

Morning lessons start at 8.45 am. Finish times are:

  • 20 lesson – 12.00 midday
  • 25 lesson – 1.00 pm
  • 30 lesson – 1.50 pm

Afternoon lessons finish at 5.15 pm. Start times are:

  • 20 lesson – 2.00 pm
  • 25 lesson – 1.05 pm
  • 30 lesson – 12.15 pm

On your first day please bring:

  • Your Passport (or EU ID)
  • Confirmation of enrolment
  • £35 for your course book
  • Notebook, pen and pencil for use in class
  • A big smile!

We look forward to seeing you soon!