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Malvern House London
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Conversation: Improve your conversational English by practising speaking, listening, pronunciation and vocabulary. You will become more fluent and confident when speaking English.

Writing: Improve your writing for daily life and also for pleasure. Learn how to write formal and informal letters and emails, essays, reports, stories and poems, etc. The course will provide you with a model text and give you practice in the process of writing and awareness of the type of language used.

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Pronunciation: Speak more clearly and be easily understood. This module will also help your listening too and make you a more effective and confident communicator. You will learn the individual sounds of English and the other features of pronunciation, such as intonation and sentence stress.

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British Culture: Discover contemporary and traditional culture – the music scene, the monarchy, sport etc. Improve your vocabulary and practise your skills at the same time through interesting videos, texts and discussions.

Media: Explore the fascinating area of the media in its many forms – TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc. and develop your language skills at the same time. This module highlights commonly-used language which you can practise in a media context e.g. doing interviews, writing articles and much more.

Tourism: This course develops the English language and communication skills necessary for work in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Improve your vocabulary skills though discussion and real life role play.

Skill Option

Key Facts

  • 5 lessons per week (to add to core programme)
  • Minimum Level – Intermediate
  • Maximum 15 students per class
  • Minimum age: 16.
  • *according to availability