English for Medicine

Malvern House in collaboration with UCL

Designed in collaboration with University College London (UCL) this intensive English for Medicine programme offers high quality English language tuition combined with university style lectures – delivered by UCL academic staff – and visits to working hospital sites.

Attendees will be introduced to the research done at the Institute of Opthalmology in to the basic biology of the eye and novel therapies to restore vision. This will include demonstrations of cutting-edge imaging techniques.

This well-rounded programme gives students a chance to improve their level of English, learn key technical terms and develop a biological understanding beyond the horizon of a textbook.


Minimum Age: 16

  • Minimum English Level: B1
  • Course Content:
    – 15 hours of English with Malvern House London
    – 10 hours of university style teaching by UCL Academic Staff
    – Visit to working hospital sites in London


  • Visits to working hospitals
  • UCL has a world-wide reputation for quality Medical Education
  • Malvern House is a fully accredited English language school
  • Central London location


  • Attend lectures delivered by UCL academic staff
  • Understand the principles of regenerative medicine applied to the eye
  • Understand how genetic mutations can cause retinal disease
  • Analyse and interpret microscopy images
  • Gain confidence in technical English words
  • Use technical words to describe the and vision research, in English

2019 Course Start Date

Course Start Dates
3rd of July (UCL classes during the week of 8th of July – full week in the morning)
17th of July (UCL classes during the week of 22nd of July – full week in the morning)
31st of July (UCL classes during the week of 5th of Aug – full week in the morning)

English for Medicine 2019 Price List (For Two Weeks)

Full Package Price Tuition fees only
£2200(includes residence -Dinwiddy House/Kings Cross – accommodation, 3 meals food per day, activities & travel card) £1300