Cost of Living

Malvern House London

Estimates vary as to how much students should budget for, and London, like other cities, can be as expensive as personal taste dictates.

Below is information on the average cost of living in the UK per week. Remember this is just an average example and costs vary from person to person, depending on your lifestyle.

If you wish to check how much these costs are in your own currency then have a look at

Below is more specific information on the costs of certain items in the UK. Prices are based on average supermarket prices and can be either higher or lower depending on quality.


  • Av transport cost per month – £135
  • School optional social programme – £100
  • Combo meal at fast food restaurant – £5
  • Av food cost per month – £265
Cappuccino Icon-1

£ 2.75

Water Bottle

Water (1.5 Ltr)
£ 0.95


Loaf of Bread
£ 1.10


Milk (1 Ltr)
£ 0.91

Rice Bowl Icon

Rice (1 kg)
£ 1

Vegetables Icon

Vegetables Per kg
£ 1-2

* Students receive 30% off their travel costs for courses of 14 weeks and longer