Mobile App Development

Create, test & launch your own mobile app!

Mobile communication is at the forefront of both our day-to-day lives and technological developments. Malvern House App Development courses are perfect for individuals who wish to learn more about this exciting world and perhaps take their first steps towards becoming a Mobile Developer.

The two course options, iOS or Android, run over 10 hours, usually delivered in four sessions, over a two-week period. Courses are delivered by qualified professionals and make full use of the excellent IT facilities at Malvern House London.

The Basic Android App Development course works towards the launch of a single page app. Participants will become familiar with the Flash Develop platform, which facilitates development of websites, web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications and video games. The Mobile App Development course works towards the launch of.


  • 20, 25 or 30 Lessons per week
  • Open or Closed tuition
  • Minimum age 12 (16 for Open Tuition)
  • Available all year-round
  • Platinum, Gold, Basic or Bespoke excursion packages


  • Dedicated group support staff 24/7
  • Opportunity for your group to be in mixed nationality classes at multiple levels, at any time of year
  • Malvern House can put together the whole package, so you don’t need to deal with multiple providers
  • Peace-of-mind from working with a renowned brand


  • Central London location
  • Fully accredited with dedicated professional teachers
  • State-of-the-art teaching facilities
  • Excellent self-study resources & materials
  • Range of group accommodation options
“I am a Business Analyst working for financial institutions and have appreciated lessons provided for a Basic Android App Development with Action Script 3 Course at Malvern. Especially, when tutor asked about my coding background and as I have none, my tutor made sure all my questions are answered and regularly pointed out additional resources to further understand AS3 coding concepts. Lessons are provided in clean and concise manner with several examples and this has been a great experience for me. I look forward to upcoming lessons.”


Sylvie from East London