Sam Malafeh

Dr Sam Malafeh is an innovative and results-driven leader in education focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive environment. Sam has proven track record of building a strong team to deliver quality education. He is experienced in driving quality operation, process, and customer service improvements while building partnerships with key business decision-makers. Sam is passionate about education and believes in empowering people, whether they are students, academics, colleagues or other individuals.

In his previous role as the Chief Executive Officer of a New Zealand education provider, Sam has led the five schools operating in the group to offer education for employment and enterprise.The schools were repeatedly rated highly by New Zealand Qualifications Authority. They are known as schools with exceptional support to students, maintaining the integrity, high quality delivery and high employment outcomes for graduates.

Dr Malafeh is delighted to be part of an international high performance company as Malvern International, formerly known as AEC.  With the new strategy, Malvern is improving its systems and processes, and team up with highly qualified and experienced peole to enhance the ultimate learning experience. As a Global Leader in Quality Education, Malvern is responsible in empowering individuals to lead the future workforce and industries.