Microsoft Excel (LIT07)

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that is used incredibly widely. Having a good understanding of how Microsoft Excel works is a key skill for any office worker today. Spreadsheets let you store and organised data in a grid of rows and columns. It lets you control and process your data by using formulas and functions. In its most simple applications, it can be used to summaries data showing totals, averages and also to very quickly produce graphs and charts. However, it is an extremely powerful and flexible tool and is used in a very wide variety of far more complicated applications such as for producing full financial models for businesses or groups of businesses and statistically analyzing scientific data.

Where: Malvern House London (Kings Cross)
Start: 18th September or 2nd October 2017
Duration: 10 hours over 2 weeks
Time: Mon & Thu 9-11:30am
Cost: £300
Course level: Introductory
Prerequisite: N/A

Proposed Syllabus

Part 1 

  1. Basic functions (sum, mid, average, etc.)
  2. Data validation options – creating lists
  3. Formatting Options and other basics
  4. Practical Exercises

Part 2

  1. vlookup function level 1
  2. Advanced filtering options
  3. If function Level 1
  4. Practical Exercises

Part 3

  1. Creating charts
  2. Pivot tables
  3. Practical Exercises

Part 4

  1. sumifs function
  2. countifs function
  3. Practical Exercises

Part 5

  1. Formatting functions & Date functions​
  2.  Hyperlinks and creating dynamic user-friendly charts
  3. Practical Exercises

Part 6

  1.  index match
  2.  If function Level 3 (combining functions in if)
  3. Practical Exercises

Part 7

  1. Conditional formatting (with If function)
  2. Exploring more logical functions
  3. Practical Exercises

Part 8

  1. Recording and running macros
  2. Multiconditional VLOOKUP
  3. Practical Exercises
“I have enjoyed the Microsoft Excel Stage 1 course and my tutor did a wonderful job in explaining in details and also giving me confidence on how to go about learning & using Excel. It is a wonderful experience for me.”


Anthony from London

“Prior to starting my Excel course, I had used Excel spreadsheets in all my office roles. On starting my new job I was faced with handling large quantities of data which really knocked my confidence. I had no concept of formulating data cells all the ‘Count If’ or ‘Average’ functions. My incompetency made me really question being in my new role.

Thanks to an Anmar, my confidence using Excel has increased. Not only is Anmar’s style of teaching well paced, concise and coherent, but he understands any learning related fears. My experience has been fun, comfortable and very rewarding. Anmar will be an asset to new learners and any institution he represents.”

Jamie Lee Rivera from Kings Cross, London