Barista Skills and Latte Art

Barista Latte Art

This is a short course, Barista Latte Art to help you improve your skills, develop your knowledge and boost your CV. It is designed to give candidates a comprehensive knowledge of barista skills – by learning how to use a professional coffee machine and more about the history of coffee. Basic latte art will also be covered in this course.

Where: Malvern House London (Kings Cross)
Duration: 12 hours over 2 weeks
Time:  5pm to 8pm
Cost: £300
Course level: Introductory

barista latte art class

“Very practical, fun class. I love it and would recommend people to go for it. ”

Wilma from Taiwan

“I am very happy to attend this class. Enjoyed it!”

Melody from Taiwan

“I am happy with this class. Teacher Angie is a very professional teacher, and of courses she loves coffee. I think it is the most important thing! Please join this class, you wont regret! Take a chance having a happy time with Angie.”

Dahae from South Korea

“I started this course on 5th of September 2017. This course is amazing and I have learnt several secrets about how to make the best coffee. I also learnt how to decorate a cup of coffee using Basic Latte Art to create different images.”

Please join this class!

Christina Zussino from Switzerland